Delivery Information

Delivery Information

We will do our best to make your product in the 8-10 working day time frame. It's not always possible, especially if we get a run of orders or are waiting on material. Embroidery will add 1-2 working days to your order because we have to get a 3rd party to do that bit for us. We will, however, try to let you know if there is going to be a significant delay.


Being the only horse in town, we use NZ Post for all of our deliveries within New Zealand.

Here are some facts to note about them:

  • They can be painfully slow at delivering packages. We've seen deliveries into Auckland take 11 days, so you will need to be patient
  • They don't work on Sunday's or holidays
  • Rural delivery is less frequent than standard delivery
  • They occasionally deliver to the wrong address
  • They will leave parcels out in the rain, hidden behind the gate you won't see for 2 days (fortunately rain won't affect our products)
  • Once the package leaves us - it is beyond our control!

There you have it. If you can get past that, waiting for our delivery will be easier, less of a headache and won't be a drain on your pacemaker.